"I find working at Azimuth refreshing, unlike anything I've encountered as a runner at other facilities. One of the things that sets them apart is the openness to feedback and my contributions. Even though I'm just starting my journey, I already feel like a valued part of the team"
Nye Patterson
“Being given the opportunity to lead a company in its brand new iteration is always going to be an exciting prospect & frankly one I was thrilled to accept. Doing the actual build of the kit, rooms & building itself has its challenges, but the real work? It’s creating a culture and team that makes our clients truly looked after. A ‘wrecking ball laugh’ may not be a quality known for helping a company succeed but I hope to bring my loud good humour to the company and clients to ensure its lasting success”
Genna McWhinnie
Head of Post
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Coffees made
Biscuits dunked
Teams messages sent
Staff drinks arranged

A Conscious

We are a part of many communities of practice for post production, colour grading, offline and online editing and finishing, visual effects, motion graphics, animation, Audio post production and the wider TV channel, broadcasters and publishing communities.

We are a part of the UK and London Film Network, the factual documentary community, the London post-production community, and the local area of Holborn. We believe it’s important to build open dialogue, be a diverse and inclusive community, and give where we can without always expecting something back in return. We are happy to educate and be educated, to take critique and to be open to learning and development so that we can understand better how we fit into broader ecosystems and communities, which refine our practices and create optimal and peak experiences with our clients in the production of the work.

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