Colour Assistant

Role Description

A Colour Assistant acts as the right hand person to the Colourists and so they must develop a very close working relationship which is only possible if the Colour Assistant has an innate understanding of the Colourist’s technical and creative methods.

Although an Assistant defaults to the Colourist, the Assistant must also have the confidence and ability to deal with clients and their requests and to work on jobs without supervision.

Assistants are not expected to have their own client base; they are expected to build one by developing and working in tandem with young and upcoming creative talent. Many of these projects are music videos, which allow a greater experimentation in creative and visual approach, allowing the Assistant to apply the skills learnt whilst working with the Colourist. The Colourists and Assistant Colourists must develop a highly developed sense of Colour imagery coupled with a strong creative and aesthetic sensibility and an in-depth knowledge of the whole post-production process including current technical specifications of film, video and data formats.

They support the Colourists in communicating ideas to the clients and advise on the effects that can be achieved either in-camera or through the grading process whilst ensuring the final grade remains within the required technical specifications – if the grade is too dark, at the next stage of the post process the Flame Operator will be unable to add special effects or remove/add people and backgrounds. Once they have mastered the techniques and have found their own client base they can go on to become a Colourist.


  • Communicating with the Colour Producer to ensure the correct film, data and the EDL relating to this material is delivered for each job Loading in the EDL, copying the required source files, conforming all the required material as per the EDL.
  • Ensuring that the Colourists can work with the specified media. Preparation of data for the Colour Grading suite Projects fully prepared in readiness for the Colourists session with clients Exporting graded data from the Colour Grading suites General assistant duties for all Colourists and Colour Producer Colour correction on additional shots for completed projects Successful completion of tasks within the set timeframe and within 100% accuracy Answer all incoming emails to the colour assist inbox by replying with an ETA.
  • Archive & deletion of jobs from Baselights/Resolve on a weekly basis. Projects assisted by the Colour Assistant are delivered on budget and on time With reference to the Colourist the assistant is also responsible for keeping the software up to date and ensuring they are proficient with this and any new hardware.



  • Extensive Knowledge of Resolve & Baselight The Colour Assistant must have an understanding of the principles of film, video and data production
  • A degree in media or equivalent experience preferred At least three years as a junior in the post-production industry They must be diligent and exhibit good attention to detail
  • Previous experience of MCR operation is required and a knowledge of the principals of post production is expected. Photographic interest and experience desirable.
  • A very solid understanding of operating systems and codecs is required.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in working hours is expected

If you’re interested in coming on board, email with your C.V. and a bit about you!

Flame Artist


  1. Collaborate with supervisors, producers, directors, and other stakeholders to develop ideas and creative approaches with an outline of timing requirements to win trust with other members of the VFX team to win the commercial and narrative projects we attract, through an insightful understanding of each project.
  2. By understanding directors and producer requirements, objectives, and timelines, you will work with other VFX and CG team members, graphic design and animation specialists, as well as producers and operations to ensure all assets are provided or generated in advance of the start of all Flame work.
  3. Undertake Flame-based projects to defined creative outcomes, building dialogue and collaboration with clients and other VFX team members to ensure the optimal experience for all whilst delivering the highest quality work, building an enviable reputation for the department.
  4. Develop and implement best creative practises, workflows, and quality control measures within the Flame, VFX, animation department in collaboration with operations and edit assistants to ensure consistently high quality work is maintained and projects delivered on time to specification.
  5. Oversee the selection and deployment of appropriate talent, equipment, software, and tools, keeping up to date with industry advancements and emerging designers, artists and animators undertaking interesting, innovative and exciting work.
  6. Keep up to date with the latest developments in VFX, animation, graphic and image design as well as developments in software and hardware that will enable greater efficiencies, more creative outcomes and new avenues for development.
  7. Foster a collaborative and positive working environment, encouraging teamwork, open communication, and professional growth within the wider company team.
  8. Build and maintain relationships with external clients and customers, partners, vendors, and talent to expand the company’s networking capabilities.



  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher post graduate award in Arts, Humanities, Science or Design or equivalent professional experience.
  2. Proven design and creative experience in post production, visual effects and animation for short and long form compositing, finishing and mastering.
  3. Strong technical proficiency with Flame software, plug in tools and potentially AI integrations for picture solutions.
  4. Extensive knowledge of Flame hardware and software, as well as wider associated tools and competitive hardware and softwares to ensure best practice is maintained.
  5. Solid understanding of workflows, formats, codecs, and deliverable specifications to undertake collaborations with colourists, computer animators, motion graphic artists, Avid online and offline editors, producers and operations teams for projects delivering to various media platforms and their deliverable specifications.
  6. Strong collaborative ability to inspire clients and gain the trust for creative work and also motivate other team members you are working with across computer animation, motion graphics and edit assistant support as well as partner studios we may collaborate with. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with creative and technical professionals is essential.
  7. Detail-orientated with strong problem-solving abilities and the capacity to work well under pressure.
  8. A portfolio or reel demonstrating a strong command of visual effects and animation compositing, image and graphic design and finishing post production techniques and creativity. A familiarity with the film, television and digital media industries, with a passion for storytelling and innovative ways of pushing visual image design or aesthetics is desired.
Edit Assistant


Ingesting material to Avid and Adobe offline editing systems.
1. Encoding, transcoding and ingesting material to various digital formats
2. Grouping and synching rushes
3. Playing out sequences / cuts and uploading them to viewing platforms
4. Preparing assets in Avid and Premiere for ProTools mix
5. First line support to edit suites.
6. Liaising between teams’ locations to ensure clients’ needs are met.
7. Communicating job and project information clearly to/from clients and


Working knowledge of Editshare and Nexis storage systems
1. Experience working with Avid and Adobe systems in a working environment.
2. Excellent computer skills with PC (Win 10) and Mac.
3. Good communication skills
4. Good understanding and experience of working with different codecs and digital formats.
5. Good organisational skills
6. Ability to work under pressure
7. Team player.

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